Hi All,

Hope you are all well following such a strange year and then the start of another going into a lockdown! It has been a very trying season (pun intended), and I would like to say a big well done Mini’s, Juniors, Colts and Seniors for managing to get some sessions in and one Saturday of rugby!

If anyone out there needs help or would just like to talk please feel free to contact me on spencer.goodall@gmail.com or 07770 233089. The rugby family are here to help each other so do not hesitate!

A new committee was voted in during the AGM on July 15th, please visit the website to see the full committee.  Please let us know if you would like to volunteer for any role or to bring anything new to the club which would be greatly appreciated.

As you most of you know we shut down due to the Feb 2020 floods and then Covid stopped the work on the club. Since then we have made a lot of progress and were hoping to open the club with its new bar and many other changes in Feb 2021 a full year after shutting down!

The work that has been completed so far would not have been achievable without the very kind donation to the GoFundMe account set up and the grants from the council. We have spent almost £50,000 so far but this would have been double if it wasn’t for the dedicated few giving their hours of work free of charge!!!!  We are also grateful for the help from our all sponsors.

Not sure what this lockdown will do to the timings of completing the work outstanding.  We have already seen the ground flooded twice this winter with all the rain we had. Fortunately the river hasn’t reached the levels we saw last year and hope it never gets that close again.

The club had some very sad news to end the year with the passing of Frank Dullehan who died peacefully at home on Christmas Eve. We will all miss Frank greatly, he joined the club in 1952 as a player and held most of the committee positions during all his years supporting Hereford RFC, it is because of people like Frank that we are able to celebrate our 150th anniversary this year. Also, in December, Chris (Ratter) Nenadich ex-player, sponsor and supporter passed away with Covid at only 62 year young.


I wish everyone a healthy and safe 2021!!